Keep the Attachment with your Kids Strong!

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I have been reading a fantastic book on parenting kids. I'll be honest; it seems there are so many views and opinions on child raising it becomes overwhelming for me. I did not buy or pick this book on my own. My mom had read the book this author wrote on addiction and had seen he had written a book on raising children so she bought it for me thinking I might get something out of it.

I have to say this is the best book on this subject I have read. I feel it aligned what was already in my heart and felt right.

Kids need to stay attached and close to parents, so they do not over peer orientate. We want our children modeling us, not a child their own age that is not cable of making all life's hard decisions.

I feel like it is such a push in society to make your children independent and make sure they have a group of friends, play dates, etc. This book put my heart at ease to parent the way I feel fit for me.

I'm not sending my daughter to pre-K. Does everyone in this world look at me crazy when I tell them this? Yes! I taught kindergarten; she knows everything she needs to enter and excel. Am I worried about social interaction, no? She will figure it out, and a little shyness is ok! Our society makes such a huge deal out of this, but it's reasonable to be shy with people you do not know at this age. Or Heck, at any age. Lol.

Attachment is the overall main idea of the book. The book gives so many suggestions and examples on how to keep your parent-child attachment secure. If you would like a good parent read, then get this book!! I feel this book aligns so close to parent instincts that society is trying to take from us. Let me know if you get the book and what you think about it!