5 things I have bought on Amazon this Month....these are life changing!

  1. Magnesium powder…this particular magnesium is more centered around the brain and mood. It has helped me feel less brain fog, and I’m concentrating better! Magnesium helps with energy creation, protein formation, gene maintenance, and muscle movement. Magnesium is healthy in so many ways; if you are not taking it, you should try it. This powder has a great flavor that even my kids will drink. They call it lemon soda (because it fizzes) :).

    2. Snake Juice….if you are intermittent fasting or feel dehydrated try this!!!! It is life changing. I struggle always with dry lips, it doesn’t matter how much water I drink or what lip mask I apply. I saw instant results and feel so great when I drink one of these packets. It’s super easy, pour into water and stir. That's it, it does have a unique taste, but I adapted by the second glass. Your body will adjust to the liking, and you will want to drink it because it makes you feel so much better.

    3. My mom ordered this for me for mothers day. I know it should be the other way around lol. I’m trying to decide on what I am going to get her. She is such a giver. I love this cookbook! I think Paige Murray is a great woman figure in this world. Paige seems so genuine in character! Salt and Vinegar Smashed Potatoes…Yes Please!!

    4. These sunglasses are the Karen Walker dupes. I honestly don’t buy expensive sunglasses because I lose them or they get scratched. Maybe when my kids are older, I can handle a more expensive pair, but for now, I buy the dupes. These are great if you want the same Karen Walker look.

    5. Upper Chamber….here is the deal. I have struggled with allergies my whole life! I have especially been fighting for this past year. I’m not a doctor and can not tell you why these work, but they do!! I advise anyone struggling with allergies or even anyone who has a cold to take these. They are a miracle for me!!

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