Wall Collage

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I have a Big WHITE wall. When building, I wanted to keep my house feeling light and clean along with Happy. I used a lot of white on the walls because I do like to put things I enjoy or have meaning on the walls. I figured this would give me a giant canvas to work with. Well, boy, did it! Lol. I spent a year trying to figure out what to put on this wall. Everything seemed to be swallowed by this 19x12 foot wall. I tried using just a big architectural piece to keep it simple. That didn’t work. I did a picture collage up the stairs (that will be another post). So I didn’t want to do family pictures on that wall.

That is when I decided a collage was necessary. I will be honest; I was terrified. Everything I read and listened to warned against doing a collage wall. All the interior decorators warned they were more complicated than they looked and were even hard for the experts to pull off.

I have to say it wasn’t that complicated!!

I started with a great piece I found at an antique store in my local town. I had actually bought it to go in my dining room but decided it would be perfect in my living room. I did consider a few other things, but due to the piece being oval and such a great color, it was a win!!

So I measured and centered that on the wall, but before doing that I laid everything out on the floor that I was considering hanging with it to make sure I liked it. It is much easier to lay things out and change it on the floor than to do it on the wall. Lay it out!!

When creating the collage, think about shapes and sizes and what you love. Find things of different shapes and try to make the sides somewhat symmetrical.

Find things that have meaning to you and of course, try to keep a particular color scheme. I wanted a little feminine along with rustic. The rustic shows in the antler mount and the feminine in the floral picture. I also love quotes!! So as you can see, I incorporated 3 of those into the wall. I also used the scone with the candle, basket with greenery, and antler mount to give some different shape and texture.

I hope this helps and gives you encouragement on creating your wall collage.

Oh So Grateful Sign

Joanna Gaines Galvanized Sign

Magnolia White Shelf

I linked everything I could to help you get started on your collage. Have fun and enjoy! After I completed the project, it felt nice having a group of things up that I liked.