Beale Street

Have you ever been to the famous Beale Street?


My husband is from outside of the big city of Memphis, Tennessee. We had never taken the time to go down to Beale Street when we were in town visiting because we are usually busy visiting friends and family, but this time we decided to take a little time out mid-morning to walk Beale.

My son is very interested in music and is learning to play the guitar. I took this time to teach him a little history of the famous Beale Street.

Beale Street was built on the good and bad. Beale Street’s best time was the roaring 20's where it took on a carnival atmosphere. The booming nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, stores, pawnshops, and hot music. In the 20th century, Beale was a bustling street, and music could be heard in the night clubs and the churches. This as the atmosphere that gave birth to the Blues. Music filled the air day and night at the turn of the century. Memphis and Beale became a Mecca for young musicians.

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After walking the street, we stopped in Silky Sullivan’s patio to eat lunch. I had the gumbo and boiled shrimp, I highly recommend the gumbo. It was delicious.

The goats were a fun part of the patio for the kids. The goats will pose for a cracker lol.

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On our way out, we had the privilege to watch one of the Beale Street Flippers. They were excellent and so fun to watch. They are great at getting the crowd involved and yes the kids, and I got flipped lol. The kiddos thought that was the best part.


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