Balance Bike

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Consider a Balance Bike for your kids. This has been an excellent tool for my daughter to learn to balance.

I will say I did buy this when she was younger, but she didn’t take great interest in it until now. We actually bought her a big bike with training wheels, and she rode it for 2 days and went back to her balance bike. I was super excited about this. The Balance Bike has excellent benefits.

  1. You only have to buy one bike, instead of a tricycle and then a 12” bike. 

  2. Your child can ride solo at 2 years old.  I’m talking, I can go for a run while my 2 year old rides her bike a mile.

  3.  Increased body awareness and core strength ability:  To ride a balance bike, your child will start by walking it, then running with the bike.  She will eventually be able to run or push with her feet and lift them, using her body to keep the bike balanced.  This builds a strong core and body awareness. 

  4. Balance bike riders are confident. 

  5. There is less chance of injury.  Without pedals, toddlers can safely use their feet to control the speed and to stop the bike.  Some balance bikes come with hand breaks, but we haven’t needed them.

  6. Balance Bikers ride 2-wheel pedal bikes younger and more relaxed than training wheel bikers. 

  7. Your child gains independence.  Having the ability to jump on her own bike and ride, just like the big kids is a HUGE step of freedom.

Our exact balance bike is not on Amazon anymore, but I think these are great options.