America's Best New Attraction by USA Today...The Gathering Place

USA Today Readers Choice 2019 #1 Gathering Place

Gathering Place has been named the best new attraction in the country by USA Today

This park is AMAZING!! My mom and I took the kids for the day. It was a great time! The park is in Tulsa, OK. If you are anywhere close, this park is a must do!! We got there a little later than planned, but we stayed later and had plenty of time to do what we wanted to do.

This park is non- stop adventure!! I would say there is something for all ages, and they have done a fantastic job at laying the park out so you can keep your eyes on your little ones at all times. There was never a time I felt panicked because I could not find them. This is a huge plus, in my opinion.

The park is also FREE… I really have been to things that cost a lot and are not near as fun as this place. It really was unbelievable.

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The landscape is beautiful!! There are massive trees everywhere and beautiful gardens in every nook.

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This is the playground at the Cafe…What a fabulous idea…entertainment for the kids while they are waiting for their food.

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My mom said she was looking for her good side :))

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This part is pretty high and scary. I would not suggest for younger kids. I had to crawl up and help my daughter down. My son did great with it. Probably a parents choice, but I will say it was super fun!!

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The zip-line was my daughters favorite part!!

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The insides of the slides were as neat as the outsides. I climbed through a few with them and was very impressed with all of the attention to detail that everything had inside.

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These slides are smooth and fast!

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It seemed wherever we went, there was something my daughter and son to do. Nobody ever felt left out. Brother was also beneficial and helping his little sister out on the harder obstacles :). What could a mamma be more happy about? Showing compassion and getting along!:)

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Pirate Ships

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It is very tall climb…but super fun. There are also things to do inside the tower.

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Adults were enjoying the swings as much as the kids!

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I love places my kids can wander and explore! This is a place anyone of any age will enjoy! Go check it out. It was such a fun experience, and we can’t wait to return!

I would wear comfortable clothes and shoes…I will also take a pair of crocks or some type of beach shoes for the sand, and there is a water park that is not open yet. I anticipate it being open for our next visit.

I have attached a few things I would be sure and take with you on your adventure to The Gathering Place…Have FUN!!

These Nike shoes are some of my favorite. They are so comfortable. I have a high arch and they have great support!!