Sweater hanging and off season storage ideas


Hello spring!  I don’t know about where you live, but we had a winter that held on like a toddler locks onto your leg as you start out the door on ‘girls night out’.  I need a break from winter. A spring break! What a novel concept, think I’ll market it. 🙃 

Anyways, our spring break was this week, and my daughter had dance all week, so we got to go to... dance.  Not the beach.  BUT, I did get to get into my closet and a few other terrifying places and get some cleaning done. Spring cleaning. The best kind! 

One of the challenges for me is sweaters, both in and out of season. I am super particular about the shape and hang of my clothes, so hanging a sweater has never been an option for me. But when I go to put them in drawers, the large bulky sweaters hide and bury the delicate ones.  I’ve tried to sort them in separate drawers,  it my brain works in styles...I want my cardigans together, my batwings together, my turtlenecks together whether they are bulky or delicate.  

This year, I started “fold hanging” my sweaters and it is perfect for me.  I have more closet hanging space than shelf or drawer space, and I can sort by style and can see each sweater, and they keep their shape beautifully.  I’ll show you how I do it in a bit. 

With spring cleaning. I’m ready to move out those turtlenecks and heavy sweaters, but I think I will move these sweaters on their hangers to the back of an extra closet for this off season. Another great option for sweaters are those vacuum bags. I’ll take my super bulky sweaters, coats (and blankets) and suck those babies down.  Before you do, consider spritzing the inside of the sweaters and coats with a favorite scent.  Make sure to give it time to dry. I like to write what is in them with a dry erase marker, and then these can be tossed under the bed, the top or bottom of a closet, in a basement or garage without worrying about moth damage, etc. 

I used to use large tub storage containers, either the upright stacking ones, or the under the bed ones,  but I have moved away from this as they have been moved by someone else in the family over the next year into some obscure part of storage and then not found for the next needed season.  If I do use them (such as buying kids clothes ahead through the summer at sales, etc.) I try to place the tubs next to the fall and Halloween decorations, because both need to come out at about the same time. 

So, for hanging sweaters, fold in half. I’m a bit specially challenged, so for a while I would sit there and think now I put the what where??? I finally saved it to memory remembering Armpit Hug Neck. The armpit of the sweater hugs the neck of the hanger.  I grew up country and always heard people say, I wanna hug your neck, and I always thought, now is that really supposed to be endearing because isn’t that more of a choke hold position than say, one of comfort?  Anyway... I digress... but this sweater hanger hug seems to lovingly work for both parties, so here you go.