Valentine's Day Gifts....Think Outside the Box

I like to think outside of the box when trying to come up with gifts. I want them to be meaningful or purposeful, so I have thought of a few things that would be outside of the box, that I think anyone would enjoy!

Instead of Roses..Why not buy some succulents that will last forever.

Click picture for link

Instead of a Card…What about printing a favorite song or lyrics on metal or wood. I love this idea! Gives you good memories to look at all year. I think meaningful decor is the best!

wood printed song decor

On a budget…Print your own. It would look great hung on the wall or even setting on a shelf. The options are endless.

Song Digital Download

How about something cuddly…but, not a teddy bear. I have been wanting a weighted blanket. I hear they are great for helping you not wrestle in your sleep and give you a good nights rest. I read an article where she said she felt like she was in a cocoon. This is way better than a teddy bear :)

Instead of the regular assorted surprise Valentine Candy Box…How about a box full of Dark Chocolate. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and can improve your health and lower your risk of heart disease. You would be doing your Valentine a favor, and there would be no need to poke holes in the middle of each chocolate lol.