Favorite Workout Wear of 2019

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My husband loves to work out but has issues with his feet hurting when he runs frequently. He tried these and loves them!! He feels like he could run all day in these and still be ok. They have a great fit and are very well made. I feel like he will get a lot of running hours out of them.

I stuck my feet in them the other day to see what he was raving about….they are amazing. The womens Hoka is number one on my list of workout things to get.

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I love love this beanie…it is the fist beanie that I feel is flattering with my hair. It doesn’t fit too tight and is super warm. I’m sure there are others out there that are great, but this is by far my favorite!! I wear them constantly. I have ordered more colors.

Some of my other favorite items for working out this winter is my FLEECE LINED YOGA PANTS. They are awesome!! If you live where it is cold, get them!! I knew nothing about these until my mom got them for me for Christmas. She got me two pairs, and they are on repeat. They are so warm and comfortable. They have actually replaced my boyfriend sweats. That's how comfortable they are!! They are also on sale for $35!!

I also love the Victoria Secret Sherpa Top. Its warm enough I don’t have to wear a jacket which I love. If you have noticed, I don’t tend to wear a lot of coats unless I’m going to be outside for an extended period. This keeps me warm and cozy, but not binding. I can still work out in it. I have several Sherpa tops and this is by far my favorite.

Sherpa Top| Lined Yoga Pants