My kids make me laugh... and my favorite household item

My New Year word HAPPY…what more can a person ask for in life.

This is something I teach my kids daily, be happy and find the positive. I try to show them not to pull the negative out of life or a situation. There can most always be something positive to pull out and to always try and look at the bright side of things.

We sit at the table every night at dinner, and we talk about a happy moment or a favorite part of the day. I also practice this when my kids are choosing not to get along. I make them sit next to each other and say positive things. They usually get the giggles and issue resolves quickly.

One thing I’m working on this year is being more laid back with the cleanliness of my house. I like things to be in order, and be in their place at all times. The problem is I’m a stay at home momma, and my kids are very imaginative and love to play. This is what we all want right!? Yes.. so I now just find the positive in things and laugh. I take pictures of the funny things they do because I do know they will be grown before I can snap my fingers, and I’m going to wish for a mess to clean up.

I found this in the kids' bathroom. I believe we were growing dinosaurs and the q-tips were keeping them in place :)

thumbnail[1] (7).jpg

Who needs candle sticks…we have toothbrushes

thumbnail[1] (8).jpg

My son wanted to make me breakfast in bed. Bread with salt and pepper crackers and peanut butter…yummy. Lol….yes I ate it :)

thumbnail[1] (5).jpg

This was the day of every stuffed animal in my house was having a puppet show. Trying not to be stressed that the puppet show was in the middle of the house when we have a huge playroom. Right about then the roomba showed up with Spirt riding on top. I remembered just to laugh.


This is one thing every momma or not momma needs….a ROOMBA. I love this thing, I use it maybe twice a day. It gives me the satisfaction that something is being cleaned when I don’t have time. I promise you will love it!! It’s worth every penny.