When the things you need to say are said best written

I do not know what this note says, the author asked the recipient to please not share. Nor do I need to know, it isn’t to me. But I am sure I know, just the same. Because I am a letter writer, too. 

Letters are the things you want to say to the ones that mean the most to you. The things that for whatever reason, and there are many valid reasons, the things we need to say only come in written form. They are an invitation into the parts of us that we hide, or that we aren’t sure how to make visible, or the parts of us we are still figuring out. But we chose to share those parts with you, dear reader. So understand, letters are always love letters. We are lovers, we letter writers. We close our mouths, and open our hearts. 

More and more often my letters are less and less frequently on paper...but the words mean the same. Maybe I hope they make us laugh. Maybe I hope they make us cry. Maybe I hope they make us think. But they always are an invitation to what is under the surface, under what everyone can see. 

So, to this little letter writer, your words have been kept in confidence, but from the envelope I can see your heart. And it is beautiful. Keep writing. We letter writers make the words for books and poems that also become movies and songs. Keep sharing your heart with those you trust. And one of these days, I hope you realize that your words (your heart, love) are a gift to the world, and you feel safe to share them freely no matter the response...because their value lies within you and you alone. And you, dear heart, are pure gold.

Stephanie Saclolo