Photography By: Wilde and Wilder

When I think of style and clothing there is nothing more I love than a good fitting pair of denim jeans. There is something about my roots being from a small town that I like knowing about the past, and anything vintage is in my blood. So that being said… I have also to love overalls.

The first “jeans” created were actually “overalls” consisting of suspenders attached to denim pants with buttons. There was no top part with a bib. Overalls were actually invented for protection to keep men dry and comfortable. Overalls didn’t become stylish until the 90s when grunge music became popular. So instead they have been in existence for a style of practicality I believe they are a staple in the fashion world.

Growing up I was from a very small town, and I can remember so many men of the community wearing them as their only piece. That is what they wore every day of the year. I can remember the distinct clinking in the dryer of the metal hitting the clasps of the overall.

 I love staying close to my roots, and I love the look of the overall. I think it can have so many looks, but it doesn’t seem to matter how I see it styled it makes my heart happy.  It reminds me of those hard-working families from my small town wearing them every day of their existence.


My overalls are from H&M. My tank is from Free People. I have had my boots forever. They are such a great color and in my opinion cowboy boots never go out of style, and are a great investment!

Women Overall         Girl Overall       Cowgirl Boot        Wrap Bracelet        Free People Tank