The Best Grandparent Gift...Blurb

Best Grandparent Gift.png

If your parents are like mine, they are the hardest to shop for…like impossible. When buying gifts, I like them to be thoughtful and meaningful. Blurb has been my go-to destination for an excellent gift for grandparents for years!

It is definitely a process and is definitely thoughtful because it takes me a while to do, but you can put as little or as much time as you want. I take my pictures from the year and create a photo book out of them. My mom has come to expect this gift, she holds them as a treasure of precious memories. She isn’t great with a camera and doesn’t take many herself, so she really appreciates and cherishes this gift.

They are great for laying around, and my kids also love looking at them and reminiscing about the year.

I have tried many different companies and Blurb is hands down my favorite. Their program is easy to use, and quality along with pricing is fantastic!

Check them out you will not be disappointed, or the loved one you are gifting! They are 40% off until December 17th!

Merry Christmas!!