A Great Holiday Shirt...the magic in Believing

We were in Memphis this weekend, and Santa stopped by with 2 of his reindeer. (He only brings two out at a time before Christmas to make sure they all get exercise, but not worn out).

My daughter had a list of questions she was ready to ask him the first being. If he had to wear his gloves to drive his sleigh, and if he had his reindeer with him. Santa was so kind that he actually let her have one of his magical gloves. I really am not sure that there could have been anything to make a little one more excited! Thanks, Santa!!

We are supposed to leave the glove by the cookies, so he knows he is at her house on Christmas Eve. Such great memories!

There is such magic in believing and anticipation. I think my kids are more excited about the thought of Santa flying through the sky with his reindeer than they are about “what they are getting” which makes me happy as a parent.

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I know you can’t see a lot of my outfit, but I wore this great sweater from H and M. They have really been my go-to place for all of my winter sweaters this year. They fit great, and I’m impressed with the quality for the price.

I paired the sweater with my Madewell Black High Rise Jeans and a pair of Black Heels. It was comfortable and stylish. I great Holiday Outfit!

Sweater| Madewell Black Denim| Christmas Dress