5 of my Favorite Things

This thing is amazing!! I have sinus and allergy issues, and I feel like this helps so much! The benefit is it is supposed to help with wrinkles also lol. Honestly, when I have congestion and a sinus headache, this is one of the only things that help with relief. Order Now!!

I attached the one with the smaller one also. This is because I use the smaller eye roller as much as, the bigger one. I actually keep the smaller one by my bed and use it before going to sleep.


This is the Madewell Whisper Cotton V Neck Tee. This tee is awesome. I first read about it on Lunchpails and Lipstick blog. She is right, its the perfect white tee that everyone needs in their closet. I have even accidentally dried it twice, and it is still the same size! Can you believe that!? I was in Memphis this weekend at the Madewell store and grabbed two more. They are true to size.

I struggle with chapped lips as soon as cold weather hits. This is what helps the most!!

I love my essential oils. I diffuse them, I bathe in them, and I rub them on myself and my family. There are tons of posts on what oil is good for what or where to apply them etc. I really believe in them and also think they help me get through the winter. I take a relaxing bath every night in my oils to help me unwind after I get the kids in bed. I really like this brand, and this is a great starter kit.

If you do not have a pop socket for your phone…get one!! I tried going without it when I got a new phone the other day and I couldn’t. They help you hold your phone while scrolling or searching, talking, taking pictures. Anything, I promise they are beneficial!

When thinking about a favorite things list, these are all things that came to mind first. I love all of these things and also believe they would make great gifts.

What are some of your favorite things?