Motherhood...Patience, Love, and Kindness

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I have been very fortunate to have a fantastic friend to get parenting advice from through the years. She has a talent for being a mother, and it is magical to watch her from the sidelines.

Her daughter is a Ballerina. Not many people would know how much time and energy this takes from the whole family. I have watched all involved show patience and love, while this precious one has evolved into a flying masterpiece.

My friend has spent countless hours driving her to and from practices, the money, the time, the sitting, the love. These are all things she has given to make sure her daughter receives this gift in life.

She not only gives all of these acts of love during this time but also outside of activities.

Bella had her big performance this weekend. The Nutcracker…she is magical on stage and off. You can see the beauty in her heart along with the vision she displays on stage.

I just want to say…excellent job to the mom that has helped create this.

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Patiently waiting backstage. Always, looking beautiful. She wore a long cream dress. I think cream and white are stunning in winter. I have attached a similar options. I think it would be a great Nutcracker or Holiday outfit.

Ashley Hadley