Dreamy Rug

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I finally found the perfect rug! This has been one of my biggest obstacles to decorating my living room. I have searched high and low for the perfect rug to combine all of the elements I love. I tend to lean towards French Country, Rustic, and I love Antiques. I feel this rug incorporates those elements along with a great color pallet.

It is great quality! The colors are a bit more mutated than the Target Picture displays.

Hopefully, I have helped you find the perfect area rug for your house!!

My mom started with the Mother Bell, Daughter Bell, Amazing Grace, Bell of Christ, and Son Bell. There are also Bells that I can purchase to add to the bracelet.

The bracelet is sterling silver and very well made. I think this would be a wonderful gift for any occasion.

I have attached the website for further viewing….check it out!