10 Great Gifts for the Hunter in your Life

10 Great Gifts for Hunters.png

Finding the perfect gift for the hunter in your life can be very tricky. I know this from personal experience. I can not tell you how many times I have googled and looked for ideas. I wanted to help everyone out! I had my husband sit down and help me come up with a list that any hunter would appreciate. I can also testify to the fact that a hunter can never have too many stands. Lol, I have attached some things that the hunter in your life can never have too many of. There are also options in a various price range. Enjoy Shopping!

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These Locking Carbines are rated for 5600 lbs. These are an easy and quiet way to attach to your tree strap, and they will keep you from falling. Great safety feature that could save your life!

This Hang on Tree stand is awesome for the price point. It is comfortable, but if you want a quiet seat to make it even better buy the summit Tree stand Universal seat attached below.

These go with the Hang on Tree stand attached above. They are an amazing price point, other ones are much more pricey. They are also great because they attach every 5 feet.

The Summit Universal seat goes great with the Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang on Tree Stand. It actually goes great with any hang on stand needing a more comfortable seat or a stand needing a replacement seat. The seat also helps reduce noise level.

These will help with those cold morning and evenings. Cold feet are the worst! I got my husband these for Christmas two years ago and he loves them and they still work great!

You don’t have to track the deer far with these broadheads. My husband prefers these over rage any day.

Throw these in with your hunting clothes to keep them smelling like dirt. You don’t want the deer to smell you before you even catch glimse of them.

Use the Titan Warrior Cord to pull your gun or bow to the top of your stand. Use with spring clips for easy use.

The Primos Pull Up Rope does the same thing as the Titan Warrior Rope. The Primos comes with the clips attached and the Titan doesn’t. It is up to you witch way you want to go. My husband has gone with both buy normally chooses the Titan because its cheaper.

Extinguisher deer call is the best my husband has found so far. Lots of you tube videos on the extinguisher that are helpful.