Favorite Toys for Toddler Boys


My son is definitely not a toddler anymore, but this age is one of my favorite periods, and I remember perfectly what he loved playing with. I have also learned that boys and girls seem to enjoy different things. My son loved pushing and riding stuff at this age, and my daughter wasn’t as interested. I remember googling and searching Pinterest trying to find him the perfect entertainment. I hope this list helps. I know Christmas is just around the corner and I have been searching for new ideas myself, trying to find the perfect gifts for their current ages.

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We seriously had three of these push mowers. He loved them! He would push them around the house, or outside for hours. Honestly, I didn’t even add the bubbles because he was entertained without them. We had an inside one, outside, and I also kept one at his grandparent's house.

This was also a winner. He would push this, ride, and even dance to the music it made. This will definitely be a toy that will stick around for a while!

I actually kept this inside. My little loved pretending with this. He would fill the gas tank up, open and shut the doors, get in and out. He would sometimes peddle himself in it, but I do also remember pushing him around in it. Yes, this might seem annoying at the time, but I promise they grow up so fast. Just participate when they want your attention. :)

This is a toy that my daughter and son both loved. Actually, my daughter still rides this. It is excellent for in the house because it is small. It is low to the ground, handles are great, and it rolls easily. It will go forward, backward, and side to side. This toy is amazing. I promise you will not be disappointed. It is actually on my Christmas shopping list for my nephew.

Boys love to climb and jump! If you have room to keep these out and out of the way, they are great. Both of my kids would roll, climb, jump, and even build with these. Great purchase!

Great toy for in the car or on the go. You can slip this in your purse to pull out at the doctor or for those bored times of just sitting. Great toy!

I saved this book for sentimental reasons. My son loved this book. It is actually in pieces we read it so much. We both had the book memorized. Great Buy!

My brother got this for my son for Christmas when he was two. I was a little scared at first, but this ended up being one of his favorite toys. We would definitely help him at first get the car into place and hold him on it in the beginning, but he quickly caught on. This was also used for a slide and a ramp for his cars. My daughter also played with this. Actually, we still have it, and when they see it, we must get it out for a few rides. It does take up space, but it compacts back into itself nicely for great storage. Love this toy!

These blocks are still in my son’s room. Both of my kids have played with this starting at an early age. Skip paying money for the beginner ones. The small squares aren’t as fun, and the colored blocks are slippery. Take my advice and buy these from the beginning. This kit is a great size, and you can build lots of cool things. This is probably the one toy that has gotten the most bang for the buck. It's really great for all ages and its practical.

I hope this list helps! Let me know if there are any great toys that your toddler loved!