Camo Duck Boots


I wanted to give everyone a small glimpse of the beautiful Arkansas Foliage. The leaves were breathtaking for a few weeks. I didn’t get many pictures of them because they ended quickly, but while they were here, they were beautiful!! We had terrific colors this year. Bright reds, yellows, and oranges. We did suddenly get early snow which did kill the leaves, so now they are brown:(. I do have the beautiful colors saved in my mind, and I will be sure to get more pictures of them next year.

Anyways this picture was taken while hiking in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The weather and scenery were beautiful.

I wore this fleece which was the perfect warmth along with my Sperry Boots. It was a little muddy, and I didn’t want to get my tennis shoes wet. These boots are amazing!!! Like my favorite pair of the season. They are so warm and comfortable. They are easy to slip on when running out the door for car line or even the grocery store. Best of all they are waterproof.

I seriously recommend these boots. They are awesome! They are true to size.

I thought the Camo ones had a lovely spunk.