Favorite 8 Board Games for Kids


Board games are one of my favorite activities to do with my kiddos. I don’t always love playing trucks or dolls, but I do really enjoy reading or playing board games with my kids. I think it is a great way to connect with each other. I have listed a few of our current favorites. I think board games are a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for children. It's not only an excellent connection for the family, it's also a learning experience.

I started playing connect 4 with one of my littles around the age of 5. It did take a little while for my child to catch on, but he loves the game, and it is excellent for teaching strategy. It is also a game you can do quickly. I am sure everyone remembers playing this one as a child, but still a favorite.

Spot it was a recent purchase. I love it! Played it with my husband after the kids were in bed. You can play this five different ways, some harder than the others. I think this is a game all ages will be able to understand depending on which of the 5 methods you choose to play. You are matching objects with speed. Great Fun!

Trouble was also a childhood favorite. My son got this for his birthday last year and greatly enjoys it. We have played it all year. I would say this one is best for 6 and up, but it could be fine for younger, I'm just not sure if it would hold their attention.

Gobblet is so fun! Gobblet is a version of Tick Tac Toe with a spin. You have pieces that can go over other parts to create strategic thinking. I would base this game on age depending on how well your child understands tic tac toe. Two player game.

Mancala is my favorite! I love playing this game! So does my son, he could beat me at the age of 4. I could not figure out how he could wrap his little brain around the concept and beat an adult, but he could. Mancala is an excellent game for counting and strategy. It also works on their one to one skills which are essential for little ones learning to count. This game is for two players.

Rush Hour is a logic game. It says 8 and up but my younger ones understand the concept fine and enjoy it. The cards come with multi-level challenges so the child can progress with practice. Rush Hour is also a game I enjoy myself and have caught myself playing myself. It is a must-have. I also enjoy it because it is something they can work on by their self.

Pop the Pig is our newest addition. My kids love this game! They played it for a week straight. It is super simple, but my older child still enjoys it. I enjoy it also lol. You roll the dice which gives you a color to pick. Then you select the hamburger based on the color you roll and pop the pig based on this number. So it meets color and number recognition, along with one to one counting. Great skill builder with little ones. It also makes you laugh. They giggle so loud when the belt pops open with surprise.

Everyone knows and I am sure has played Candy Land. This game continues to be one of my kids' favorites. It is good because several can play and the youngest understands completely.

I hope these game recommendations help. I think board games are a great way to spend time together, while also learning. Board Games also make great gifts! I always do a new game for birthdays and Christmas.