Unique Gift

I always love finding a unique, thoughtful gift.

My mom defiantly is a gift giver. She loves finding something she thinks someone will enjoy and giving it as a gift. She is one of the most giving, thoughtful, unselfish people I know. I hope to be half the person she displays daily.

This past weekend was an Arts and Crafts festival in our town.

This is where local and non-local people set up in tents and sell merchandise. I always enjoy this event, seeing what talents and ideas people bring is still so fun!

My mom surprised me with this unique gift. I am loving it and feel this is something that will stay in my jewelry box forever. It is a charm bracelet with bells. I love the meaning, the sound, and the look. The tiny jingle of the bells gives me a constant reminder of the bracelets meaning. What a great positive piece for everyday wear!

My mom started with the Mother Bell, Daughter Bell, Amazing Grace, Bell of Christ, and Son Bell. There are also Bells that I can purchase to add to the bracelet.

The bracelet is sterling silver and very well made. I think this would be a wonderful gift for any occasion.

I have attached the website for further viewing….check it out!

thumbnail[2] (2).jpg
thumbnail[3] (2).jpg
thumbnail[3] (3).jpg


Each bell commemorates a life or a moment that is unique and special. Our hope is that you experience love and heart-felt joy when you hear the ring of your bell.