How Does Your Garden Grow: Fall Firethorn

The fruits and vegetables are coming to an end, but in our area in Northwest Arkansas, many plants and bushes both ornamental and cultivated as well as native and wild are busy giving us some surprise beauty.

One of which is my favorite, the firethorn plant. It is an evergreen that treats us with small white flowers in the spring/summer and then when the cooler evening temps arrive it bursts with orange berries that the birds adore. The berries that remain into the winter will turn a festive red, with brilliant green shiny leaves. Cut some for indoors for a unique take on holiday/Christmas colors. These bushes are hardy through zone 6, which in our area is about Kansas City.

If you are considering planting one, take not that the leaves are sharp and can cut, scrape and poke. Gant called them sticker-berry-bushes and that is what we still call them around our house, as it is an apt name. So plant it where it wont reach out and snag you on a sidewalk and path. Bradford Nursery in Rogers, AR currently has them in stock and were very helpful providing more information, including deer generally do not like them, so they will not damage your landscaping trying to get to them. You can train them along a trellis or such, but the leaves can poke you hard enough to bring blood, so you generally need thicker gloves that your typical soft canvas ones unless you don’t mind war wounds. He said their bushes look beautiful and are in the $40-$50 dollar range. Thank you Bradford’s for being amazing as always!

Here is this delightful bush in its autumn splendor.

Photography is by Wilde and Wilder. Art prints, canvases and custom items can be purchased.

Firethorn in the sunlight | Wilde and Wilder

Firethorn in the sunlight | Wilde and Wilder

Firethorn in the sunlight by Wilde and Wilder
Firethorn bush in the sunlight
Stephanie Saclolo