Fall Family Pictures


Photography By: Wilde and Wilder


My family photos are my most treasured possessions! You don’t really understand at the time how important they are until you look back at them and realize how much everyone has changed.

I have been very fortunate to have a fantastic photographer in my life. In my opinion “The Best.”  She has a way…no pun intended lol…of always capturing my children’s true self. Their natural expressions that I see as a parent on a daily basis. So, when I look back at those captured memories…it gives me a flashback of that age or time.

I try to get an excellent professional family photo every year. Yes, it is not always fun to get everyone ready or everyone in the mood, but I promise it’s worth it!!

This was our family photo from last fall. I couldn’t decide what I wanted everyone to wear and couldn’t come up with any ideas until I saw a picture of Little Big Town.

Kimberly had on this fantastic dress. It made me think about the dress I had hanging in my closet from one of my husband’s company Christmas Parties. I decided what better way to get another great use out of it!

I pulled the outfits together from there. That is how I put together our outfits. I will decide what I want to wear and pick the other outfits off from that. Kids and husbands usually are pretty straightforward. My husband’s jacket was also a jacket from a previous Christmas Party.

I have attached several options for creating a similar look.

I hope you will take the time to enjoy the beautiful leaves, and have a memorable picture captured to look back on for years to come.

Pictures are also a great Christmas Gift for Grandparents :)

A few tips when pairing outfits

Don’t be too matchy-matchy.

Use the color wheel if you are not sure which colors to pair together.

Colors opposite of each other generally go well together.

I generally always use chambray or some sort of denim as a neutral piece. It typically goes with everything, and for that last outfit, it will pull everything together.

If you don’t have the perfect shoes for your kids….pull them off. Bare feet are adorable on kids!

Girl Options: Jean Jacket | Faux Suede Ballet Flat (In Love!) | Long Floral Dress | Fur Vest | Floral Tee | Tulle Skirt

Boy Options: Navy Blazer | Chambray Shirt

Men Option: Men’s Maroon Blazer

Women’s Options

Ashley Hadley