Top Gun Maverick Costume Halloween

When you grow up in a family that loves fashion and theater and dance, dress up is pretty much an everyday occurance, not a once yearly event on Halloween.

In addition to having a flair for dress, we are a large family which means lots of hand me downs to choose from.

Canon recently discovered Top Gun, and then happened upon a chest of items his size in storage; and he was so stoked when he put this ensemble together. Not going to lie, this was his outfit he wore for about two weeks channeling Maverick, but eventually we couldn’t handle his smell in the cockpit so it came off for laundering, and he moved on to another look.

We often like an over the top Halloween looks for a party, but for school or trick or treating, something that doesn’t fall apart and is warm and more functional is our favorite way to go. But what I love more than anything is something creative and reflective of what we are into at the moment. And if pieces can be worn again in the everyday that is a huge bonus.

This outfit was put together with a vintage black leather jacket from Gap, circa 1999, a vintage pilot Gymboree costume from 2005 , and vintage aviators. To put this look together, I found this jacket at H&M and I found this aviator suit at Party City and the aviators could be purchased anywhere.

Photography: Wilde and Wilder

Top Gun pilot Maverick here to steal your heart (and collect some candy).

Top Gun pilot Maverick here to steal your heart (and collect some candy).

Wilde and Wilder photography pilot halloween costume
Wilde and Wilder photography child pilot
Wilde and Wilder photography Halloween costume
Stephanie Saclolo